Why us?

We are glad you found us. We like to share our deep passion for exploring the nature of light.

Based in Stockholm, Sweden, we are optics consultants with a real lab, research background and ambition.

Entangly takes over 50 years of accumulated experience and knowledge of optics and photonics and turns it into value for your business. Quality moves us forward and we always look to exploit cutting edge technology. Together we will help your company create new smart products within life science, automotive, energy and clean technology, space science, aviation, electronic devices, metrology, agriculture, communication, the manufacturing industry and more. Whether it be optical design, lasers, optical metrology or any other electro-optical product development or scientific investigations.

Towards this goal we are collaborating with leading companies in the Nordics providing industrialisation, electronics design, prototype construction and series production. As one of our main tools we have many years of experience on a daily basis with optical simulation software. We have a modern optical lab with essential equipment and instruments for test and development.

Are you ready for what quantum technologies can provide, or want to find out how it will disrupt your business? We are prepared to make it come alive! Having a solid academic background in quantum information and physics research we can teach you how.

Our customers are market leaders in their field of business. We have an urge to help companies find and apply the best solutions to any optics related problem. Nevertheless your company is a small startup or a established international enterprice.

Every company has their own culture and unique way of developing products. We are well experienced with this fact and know how to apply agile methods in order to make things fly quicker, smoother, and longer. Scalability is an essential idea for success.

Entangly’s culture is to provide high-quality, efficient, and environmentally friendly services.

Entangly’s culture is to be competitive by continuously sharing and gaining knowledge within the optics and photonics community.

Entangly’s culture is to work for the development of technical products or services that aim to improve peoples lives and create opportunities for a sustainable future.

We do not take light lightly!

What we do

Optics, lens design and illumination

Scientific investigations and education

Camera systems and imaging

Photonics and fiber optics

Laser systems and safety

Optical metrology and sensors

Who we are

Join us?

Entangly offers an open, free and rewarding company culture where our employees are at the heart of success and decision taking. We like you to be able to determine your own salary and vacation for a good work-life balance and expect dedication in return. We celebrate diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for everyone, employees as well as clients. Entangly is an equal opportunity employer.

If you are a specialist in the field, we need your expertise to meet the demand within optics and photonics. Join an enthusiastic team and help us grow! Please see our recent advert here for details.

How to reach us

Entangly AB Stockholm

Sollentunavägen 63, 191 40 Sollentuna
+46 (0) 70 611 6051

Org. nr. SE559143-0243

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